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[10.11.2006] - Jahlzeit 07 / The Story Continues
Dear friends of Jahlzeit, another successful year for our community platform is coming to an end. This is the time when bills for server maintenance, programming, web hosting, servicing, ... accumulate ...
[15.05.2006] - New Communities can be created again!
We encountered a problem, that no Communities could be created anymore recently. Bug fixed - problem resolved!...

[22.03.2006] - Problem with Invitation Mails solved
In recent times some automatically genereted invitation mails went directly into the spam folder of some mail clients or did not get throug at all. To solve this problem a link to the registration entry ...


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Jahlzeit was started 02-02-2002 by three friends from Zell am See area who found themselves scattered all over the world. In order to keep in touch and to preserve the spirit of Zell-Connection, they founded ZellConnectiOnline. It was designed to create synergies and benefits for all people involved through the continuous evolution of our network.

Jahlzeit is more than just a digital community in the internet. Spirit of values as home, individuality, honesty, friendship, nature, ...

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